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Bullet fetish 018_66

Bullet fetish 018_66

Objet Olfactif

Nomadic Diffusion

The bead fetish is a precious object that offers you a nomadic and personal fragrance thanks to its scented beads. Made in a jewelry workshop in the Doubs region of France, this accessory alludes to the founder's aesthetic universe, his passion for noble materials and avant-garde design. Available in 3 sizes, each instrument can be recognized by its unadorned geometric aesthetic, combining light and shadow and revealing the diffusion beads. A unique object in galvanized brass with a satin finish to slip into a bag, drawer or glove compartment to take your favorite fragrance with you.

This unique object comes with a 5 ml bottle of fragrance concentrate to pour over the diffuser beads.. Select your fragrance in your basket.

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  • → 3x free of charge in France from 80€ of purchase
  • → For any purchase of a fragrance, receive a sample to test your fragrance before opening it

Good to know

  • → Iconic object
  • → Made in France
  • → Refillable
  • → Recyclable packaging


D’ORSAY’s olfactory fetishes refer to the founder’s aesthetic universe, his passion for noble materials and avant-gardism. Each instrument is recognisable by its geometric aesthetic without ornamentation.

The instruments combine light and shadow, openings and facets of material, revealing the diffusion beads, tracing grooves in the metal, repeating shapes that are always essential and pure.

Use and Care

The refill of 5ml proposed with the object can last approximately 3 months. This indication may vary depending on the type of fragrance associated and the intensity sought. For example, with the light and floral J.R. fragrance, your refill could last a little less than with our T.J. fragrance, a stronger scent.

Shake the instrument from time to time to stimulate the beads and revive the fragrance. Add concentrate as soon as the olfactory intensity diminishes (approximately once every three weeks).

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