Winter takes place and presents us with Spicy, Woody, Oud or Palo Santo fragrances. The atmosphere becomes hot, our embraces are passionate.



Sensual and bewitching perfumes to charm the loved one. Pepper, Palo Santo, Musk... You are not ready and that's the point.

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Nous sommes amants. M.D.


Nous sommes amants. M.D.

A woody, spicy fragrance evoking skin-to-skin love, imagined by Bertrand Duchaufour for D'ORSAY.

We wear M.D. and suddenly... we are almost naked. This fragrance sensualizes us, blending Black Pepper, Cedar and Sandalwood. A pulsating, irrational embrace with Palo Santo. Control freak, abstain.



Heir to a true heritage, Maison D'ORSAY defends artisanal know-how by producing only in France and by surrounding itself with independent perfumers who share its demand for excellence.


Scented candles

Our evenings are spent by the fireplace. With these scented candles, we warm ourselves skin-to-skin as the flakes fall outside. We vibrate with a burning love.

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