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Maison D'ORSAY is proud to be a member of the Fragrance Foundation France.

For more than 15 years, Fragrance Foundation France has been working with its members to promote a French heritage that respects environmental and social issues. The association defends and works with the entire industry for a responsible perfumery aware of today's challenges.

The perfume industry employs 165,000 people in France, it is the fruit of our cultural heritage, of the tradition of ancestral know-how, and participates in the influence of France in the world.

Each year, Fragrance Foundation France rewards the know-how and talents of the perfume industry during the annual Fragrance Foundation Awards gala.
The Fragrance Foundation Awards are a unique opportunity to celebrate perfume and those who bring it to life on a daily basis.
The jurors, whether customers or professionals, all have the same mission, which is to choose, among the perfumes presented to them, those that touch them the most. The four types of prizes and juries are determined by the distribution network of the perfumes launched on the French market between January and December of the previous year.

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