A real decorative object declined in amber or dark green glass, the creation of our 250 gram candles requires the gestures of more than eight craftsmen.

An ancestral work which values the unique know-how of the French glass and crystal workshops.


It all begins in a century-old glass and crystal workshop in the Bresle Valley in Upper Normandy. It's here that the glass characterized by its interior gadroons (fine vertical grooves) takes shape.

Craftsmen collect a mass of molten glass at the end of their glassmaking cane. They rotate the metal rod continuously to obtain a homogeneous mass.

They take turns blowing the glass, cutting it, then integrating the molten glass into a mold made exclusively for D'ORSAY.

The unfinished glass is then carefully removed from the mould, before the edge is cut and carefully polished. Then comes the lacquering of the previously transparent pot to obtain the amber or dark green shade.

The emblematic D'ORSAY monogram, reinterpreted from the D'ORSAY archives, is then applied in a gilding workshop.

The brushed brass base is then placed on the glass, providing a luminous echo to the round, gilded monogram.

Then it's time to place the pure cotton wick and pour the scented wax.

This stage is carried out in a century-old wax-making workshop, a repository of the traditions and values of wax-makers, and of production techniques that are - in some cases - no longer used today: the great tradition of hand-crafting.

This heritage goes back to the oldest techniques of the Maîtres Ciriers originating from the Ciergerie des Prémontrés, handed down in 1904 by the monks of Frigolet Abbey to the great-grandfather of this current Maitre Cirier located in Provence, not far from Grasse.

Each wax, mineral or vegetable, is of superior quality. Each of the materials has been rigorously selected and carefully chosen according to the fragrance to be diffused.

The "paste", this unique blend, is specially developed for each fragrance, so that it can express itself with precision and balance.


Scented candles

The 250gr collection is made up of 17 fragrances evoking secret rendezvous. From the gentle warmth of the sun's first rays, to a refreshing sea breeze. Our hearts warm and we vibrate with tender love.

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French craftsmanship, passion of the aesthetic & sustainable consumption.

200 years of history have taught us to be committed to the long term, so the 250 gram candle was designed from the start to be refillable.

Discover the refills

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French craftsmanship, passion for aesthetics & sustainable consumption.