The ingredients used, their origin, the way they are harvested and extracted are all criteria that contribute to making a great perfume.

Each of our creations is characterized by the use of carefully selected and processed ingredients, just like LMR (Laboratoire Monique Remy), a forerunner in the sourcing and processing of ingredients.

Our expertise in the use of natural raw materials protects their life cycle, from harvesting to fragrance expression.


Blue Gold


Contrary to market practices, the Iris rhizome ripening process takes place in natural conditions, without chemicals, thus preserving all the olfactory qualities of the Iris and the plant's natural cycle.

While the Iris flower fascinates with its velvety petals and majestic color, it's underground that the plant hides its most precious asset: its rhizomes.

It takes three years of maturation underground for the rhizomes to develop their powdery, woody, delicate yet deep scent. The rhizomes are then harvested and dried for a further three years, making iris one of the noblest and therefore most expensive materials on a perfumer's palette.

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Eternal Friend


The rose harvest begins in May and lasts for 1 month. Harvesting takes place early in the morning, before 10 a.m., before the sun has warmed the flowers and taken away their precious fragrance. By noon, the rose will have lost 30% of its fragrance, and by 8pm it will have lost 80%. This is done by hand, without tools, simply pinching the flower at the base of its callus and turning it. A skilled picker will harvest around 20kg of flowers in 4 hours.

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The Bigaradier

Multiple talents

The Bigaradier

Orange blossoms are mainly grown in northern Tunisia and Egypt, in a typically temperate, sunny Mediterranean climate. The first blossoms appear 3 to 5 years after planting, with full flowering taking place when the tree is 10 to 15 years old.

Orange blossom harvesting usually begins in early April and lasts for a month.

Depending on how they are extracted, we obtain neroli or orange blossom absolute, while the leaves of the sour orange tree are used to obtain petit grain.

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D'ORSAY compose des fragrances aux notes olfactives variées, Boisés, Ambrés, Florales, Épicés...Évoquant l’universalité de l’état amoureux et explorant ses multiples facettes. 


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