Karine Chevallier nous parle de sa création : « Songe à la douceur. C.B. »

Karine Chevallier tells us about her creation “Songe à la douceur. C.B.” Stories of creation

The first flush of young love is all citrus, tart and bergamote. Discover our body fragrance “Songe à la douceur. C.B.” with its creator Karine Chevallier.

What is the olfactory family of this body perfume?

The fragrance “Songe à la douceur. C.B.” belongs to the floral and the leathery family.

What was the first inspiration?

The original idea for this one was to work with black tea, mixed with orange blossom.

What are its notes?

My goal was to work on a phantom orange blossom: There are these texts in which for each word we replace letters by other letters and yet you can still perfectly guess the original word. I found it entertaining to apply this technique to perfumery and so I had as a base an orange blossom to which I removed all molecules one by one, leaving only the ghost. I think it works.

What is the effect?

Orange blossom is a scent that everyone appreciates, that refers most of the time to childhood, a to baking. It’s a comforting scent for a lot of people. This fragrance will appeal to men on one hand, with its woody, leathery side, but may also appeal to women with its floral and fresh citrus side. It is a scent that would suit everyone.

Give us a hint about the inspiration of this perfume.


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