Suzy le Helley nous présente sa création 05:33

Suzy le Helley presents her creation 05:33 A Minha Vida Portuguesa Stories of creation

Passionate about nature from an early age, Suzy Le Helley draws her inspiration from the diversity of fragrances, plants and aromas she discovers on her travels. After spending her childhood honing her senses, Suzy Le Helley decided to become a landscape perfumer when she learned about the profession. Trained at the Symrise perfumery school and among the company's top perfumers, she came to the attention of Annick Ménardo and Maurice Roucel, master perfumers who were to become her mentors.

For D'ORSAY, she created the scented candle 05:33 A Minha Vida Portuguesa, evoking a Lisbon dawn .

Suzy le Helley tells us how she created this fragrance for D'ORSAY: "Guided by Laetitia Rouget's sparkling aura, I created 05:33

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A Floral, Fruity Candle evoking the dawn of Lisbon, designed by Suzy Le Helley for D'ORSAY.