In 2015, Amélie Huynh discovered D'ORSAY, as one finds a Sleeping Beauty. Convinced that great stories are made to last, she decided to give it almost 200 years later a new lease on life.

Lulled by fragrances since childhood, Amélie Huynh is fascinated by the moment when Alfred d'Orsay crystallized for himself and his love, Marguerite Blessington, the first fragrance for couples.

She continues the story of D’ORSAY and its original love story by exploring the state of love through to carnal desire, speaking of feelings and intimacy.

She redesigned the olfactory line in keeping with the House's heritage, working with prestigious perfumers such as Olivia Giacobetti, Mark Buxton, Karine Chevalier, Bertrand Duchaufour, Fanny Bal and Vincent Ricord...

Her vision is assertive, the D’ORSAY fragrances will be for her and him as was the first one, characterised by a form of duality found in that state of love that often turns us upside down.



Heir to a true heritage, Maison D'ORSAY defends the artisanal know-how by producing only in France and by surrounding itself with independent perfumers who share its demand for excellence.

Perfumes designed for couples, like states of love. Attentive, insolent, sophisticated, contradictory, incipient, electric, impulsive, dreamy, secret, dazzling... Each fragrance is named after a clue phrase, signed with the initials of a personality whose identity will never be revealed.

Interior fragrances, like secret appointments. D'ORSAY's home fragrances are created in France with the same high standards as its body perfumes. They are created in harmony "head, heart, base" and designed as olfactory settings, secret appointments.

Imagining new ways to diffuse perfume. Passionate about design and architecture, Maison D'ORSAY has created unique olfactory diffusers. Precious objects that are as durable as they are desirable, crafted in France in jewelry workshops.



Maison D'ORSAY carries values of sensuality, universality and singularity, and continues to defend the know-how of craftsmen, all based in France.