Amélie & Arthur

Amélie & Arthur Interviews

D’ORSAY CEO Amélie Huynh and her partner, Arthur, took part in our interview about Love.

Tell us about your first date (or your first meeting)?

Amélie H – The first time we met was during a professional meeting that should not have taken place since he was coming to a job interview for a job that did not interest him, but he had time that day!

The meeting took place in my office, in November 2020, it was rather dark, we were masked for sanitary reasons, nothing predestined us to prolong the meeting beyond this first appointment…

Arthur D – I had just sold two of my companies. Full of good intentions, I decided to update my LinkedIn and I received many calls from headhunters offering me various positions. Uninspired, I refuse all the offers but one brave and reckless headhunters pushes me an offer repeatedly, his tenacity persuades me to at least meet the founder.

November 19, 2020 10:30am: I met Melanie and Amélie Huynh for the first time, both masked, we exchange. The atmosphere is studious but we quickly realize that we will be more friends than collaborators.

February 11, 2021 8pm: Melanie (Amélie’s sister and a good matchmaker) proposes a dinner with her sister in their offices, I gladly accept. When I arrive, I discover the real Amélie, fatal beauty, funny, ambitious, all dressed in black. At the end of this dinner, I hastened to offer her a second home.

February 21, 2021 6pm: Two hours before the dinner, she announces me that she won’t be able to come because she blocked her back. To each problem its solution: I put all the ingredients in a bag and I go to cook at her place, 8:30pm the door opens and so begins our first date.

The rest is history…

What did you think when you saw him/her?

A.H – I thought that her confidence and naturalness were quite disconcerting!

A.D – That she represented everything I like in a woman.

What does the smell of her skin evoke in you?

A.H – Softness, comfort, security and a strong desire to come back!

A.D – The sweet and greedy smell when you enter a pastry shop.

What fascinates you about him/her?

A.H – His ability to make communication simple and natural, no subject or feeling is taboo, he manages to defuse all situations. He manages to perceive what I feel at the beginning and makes me share any reflection. I don’t feel judged, I can be myself.

A.D – Her smile, her positive attitude and her passion for French fries.

What is the nicest statement he/she ever made to you?

A.H – The words are important and touching, but the intention and sincerity that you put into them do everything else.
I’m not looking for a poet, I like statements that make me smile and feel loved.

A.D – The day she made room for me in her closet.

These two lovers chose Je suis le plus grand M.A. et À cœur perdu. L.B. to express their love.

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