Amélie Bourgeois nous parle de sa création : « Acte d’amour furtif. A.N. »

Amélie Bourgeois tells us about “Acte d’amour furtif. A.N.” Stories of creation

You’re not ready, and that’s precisely the poin, this fragrance is an act of impulse. Discover through this intervew with Amélie Bourgeois, “Acte d’amour furtif. A.N.

What is the olfactory family of this body perfume?

Acte d’amour furtif. A.N.” is a woody, spicy and very powdery fragrance.

What was the first inspiration?

An art piece, as you know I can’t reveal what is the exact inspiration source, but It greatly affected me.

What are its notes?

I started with iris, which is a flower much loved by A.N. and I stuck in some very sensual spices and a lot of wood to give warmth and body to the perfume.

What is the effect?

A very erotic perfume and to achieve that, I have associated violet flower and cumin, two materials that together smell like sweat after love. Very woody and a little floral.

Give us a hint about the inspiration behind the perfume


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