Amélie Bourgeois nous parle de sa création : « Les ombres fantastiques. A.R. »

Amélie Bourgeois talks us through her creation “Les ombres fantastiques. A.R.” Stories of creation

A scent that inspires us risks, powerful generator of shades. Discover “Les ombres fantastiques. A.R.” through the eyes of its creator, Amélie Bourgeois.

What is the olfactory family of this body perfume?

Woody and powdery or Powdery and Woody, however you like it.

What was the first inspiration?

I got inspired by AR himself, the secret character, but essentially, I got inspiration from his personality.

What are its notes?

I simply took two classic raw materials, vetiver which is incredible on a man and iris which is incredible on a woman and I wanted to create a totally ambivalent composition on these two materials.

What is the effect?

“I wanted to create controverse, just like AR, provoke with a man wearing iris and a lady wearing vetiver.”

Give us a hint about the inspiration of this perfume.

“No hard feelings!”