Anne-Sophie Behaghel nous parle de sa création : « J’approchais un mystère. A.C.»

Anne-Sophie Behaghel tells us about her body fragrance “J’approchais un mystère. A.C.” Stories of creation

The laws of natural attraction take on the notes of cedarwood, sandalwood and fresh fig leaves. Discover “J’approchais un mystère. A.C.” through the eyes of its perfumer, Anne-Sophie Behaghel.

What is the olfactory family of this fragrance?

J’approchais un mystère. A.C.” is a woody green.

What was the first inspiration?

It is the character himself of A.C, a filmmaker born in the countryside and you can almost feel it by his face, in his smile, in his integrity that he is a man of nature and this is essentially what I wanted to transcribe in the perfume.

What are its notes?

J’approchais un mystère. A.C.” is a very simple fragrance, notes of cedar and notes of crumpled leaves only.

What is the effect?

I wanted to create a natural and obvious effect, as if we saw man in nature, as beautiful and majestic as a tree.

Give us a hint about the inspiration of the perfume