Anne-Sophie Behaghel nous parle de sa création : « Je suis le plus grand. M.A. »

Perfumer Anne-Sophie tells us about her creation “Je suis le plus grand. M.A.” Stories of creation

White lights, vapour lamps, the olfactory knock-out. Discover “Je suis le plus grand. M.A.” through the eyes of Anne-Sophie Behaghel, Perfumer from the Studio Flair, in Paris.

What is the olfactory family of this body perfume?

It is very particular to put into word, I would say it is a paradoxical perfume, just like a fireball in a cloud. So powerful but gentle at the bottom.

What was the first inspiration?

A person that is neither truly feminine nor masculine, powerful, that wants to give his all but shy at the same time. Someone that would like to reveal all aspects of his personality right away.

What are its notes?

I have assembled all the molecules that I like in this fragrance, so woody, amber, musky, powdery, therefore very dazzling notes and very white notes.

What is the effect?

I wanted to recreate an immense inner strength and at the same time an infinite sweetness.