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9:15 signed by In Love News

Many are those who have crossed in Paris the small hearts and words of love of the street-artist InLove. His urban poetry stakes out the walls, the doors, the pavements, even inside some buildings. We are instantly seduced by the almost candor of the line and the ephemeral character of the interventions of this elusive lover. This mixture of love, simplicity, modernity and anonymity echoes the universe of D’ORSAY. The artist has decorated one of the latest creations of Maison D'ORSAY, the 190g version of the candle 09:15 En tête-à-tête, a tender and morning rendez-vous in the Majorelle gardens imagined by Vincent Ricord with a background of Mint, Fig tree, Atlas Cedar and Sandalwood. A new statement combining street art & olfactory ambiance. 

Discover the 9:15 En tête-à-tête X InLove candle.

About InLove:

“My graffiti are a declaration of love to the woman I love. It all started in 2017 with my first declaration of love on a wall towards Menilmontant. These first graffiti were monochrome, the heart with its little comma that makes it beat was already there.

Over time they evolved, the color got involved and the hearts were colored in red, the “heart trees” made their appearance and the words of love multiplied. From the simple graffiti to the fresco my creations have adapted to the supports, to the details of the walls, to the windows, to the moldings and to the architectural “modenatures”.

This progression without being calculated has always been instinctive. I write to the woman I love the words I want to say to her, I draw her these hearts that come to me at the moment I graffiti. Neither the places, nor the graffs are premeditated… They are made with all my love…”

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