Karine Chevalier nous parle de sa création : « J’ai l’air de ce que je suis. J.R. »

Karine Chevalier talks us through her body fragrance “J’ai l’air de ce que je suis. J.R.” Stories of creation

J.R. invites you for a tête-à-tête, up-close and in person. Karine Chevalier explains the thought process behind “J’ai l’air de ce que je suis. J.R.

What is the olfactory family of this body perfume?

“J’ai l’air de ce que je suis. J.R.” is a floral, woody and musky fragrance.

What was the first inspiration?

The initial inspiration was one of the most beautiful briefs I had the chance to work on. It consisted in answering the question “What is the scent left on a child by his father after a hug? “.

What are its notes?

For this brief I wanted to work with the absolute narcissus. For me, the absolute narcissus is one of the most beautiful raw materials in our palette. In my opinion you could even put it in a bottle on its own and it would make a perfume. What I find interesting in the absolute narcissus for this fragrance is that we could use both its woody, leathery sides to represent the man, the dad here, but also the rather floral facade that evoked the entire feminine aspect of the narcissus. Finally, we have this intangible facet, dreamy, a little musky and a little milky which would possibly symbolize the child.

What is the effect?

The use of this raw material in “J’ai l’air de ce que je suis. J.R.” ranks it as a unisex and almost multi-gender fragrance, one can see the father, the mother and even the child.

Give us a hint about the inspiration of the perfume

Mustache and horseback.