Sidonie Lancesseur

Sidonie Lancesseur tells us about her creation " Dandy or not. G.A. " Stories of creation

"To be or not to be a Dandy, why choose? The absolute freedom is to be able to change your mind." Discover our perfume Dandy or not. G.A. and its creator Sidonie Lancesseur.

What is the olfactory family of this perfume?

Dandy or not belongs to the woody, leathery family.

What was the initial inspiration?

The inspiration was to create the fragrance of today's Dandy, a person who is rebellious, anti-conventional, status-oriented and assertive.

What are the notes?

The top notes are Cardamon and Grapefruit essential oils, the middle notes are Black Tea and Orange Blossom, and the base notes are Cedar and Patchouli with a Cuiré accord.

The effect you wanted to provoke?

I wanted to create an unexpected and recognizable fragrance by contrasting a slightly smoky Cuiré Black Tea accord with a sweet and innocent Orange Blossom, I really wanted the fragrance to make you want to smell it indefinitely, an almost obsessive addiction. The love state of this fragrance, for me, is a passionate and casual love.

Any clue as to the inspiration for this fragrance?

The clue that best evokes this fragrance is addiction.

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