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20:15 Presque prête

20:15 Presque prête

Interior Fragrance

Turpentine, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Patchouli

20:15 Presque prête signed by interior designer Isabelle Stanislas for D'ORSAY, is the first opus in the collection of interior fragrances created by architects for the House.

This scent immerses us in the sublimated view of a Parisian setting. It contrasts harmonious notes while combining opposites. Bergamot twists incense, the verticality of Cedar blends with Patchouli, the fleeting Turpentine crosses the Amber.

A woody, aromatic fragrance that takes us back to the preparation of a meeting, imagined with perfumer Vincent Ricord.

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Good to know

  • → Woody Aromatic
  • → Intense
  • → Limited Edition
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Olfactory Notes

Head : Turpentine
Heart : Atlas Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Birchwood, Incense, Iris, Eucalyptus
Base : Musk, Amber, Patchouli


D’ORSAY perfumes are made in France, respecting our heritage and know-how for 200 years.

Our home fragrances are created with the same high standards as our body perfumes and are characterised by top, middle and base notes. They are imagined as film sets evoking lovers’ rendez-vous.


Turpentine oil, Coumarin, Bulnesia sarmienti, ext., acetate, d-Limonene, Linalyl acetate.

Use and Care

Hold the roomspray upright and spray two to three pumps into the open space in the room The fragrance develops instantly in the space to bring you a new olfactory atmosphere and will be active for a few hours.
Do not spray towards food, persons, pets and plants.

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20:15 Presque prête

The words of the

This fragrance expresses the duality of Isabelle Stanislas’ work as an architect designer, which, just like its author, manages beautifully to combine opposites. The tenderness of Bergamot softening the angular character and the verticality of the Cedar. The warm dimension of Patchouli makes us dive into the Wood which perfectly contrasts with the fleetingness of Turpentine.

Vincent Ricord



Of Love

Magical hour, we are still ahead of time: before the evening, which might turn into a whirlwind. I have a scent of pine and resin in my head while I’m getting myself ready… A breeze of Cedarwood, a hint of Incense, the atmosphere turns to warm amber. Our heartbeats mingle with Patchouli. Already 8:15 pm. Are you ready?


Isabelle Stanislas inaugurates with this creation the first opus of a series of interior fragrances imagined by architect-designers. A collection that highlights our passion for design and our love of know-how and high standards.
20:15 Presque prête


D'ORSAY's home fragrances and candles evoke romantic encounters. Each fragrance corresponds to a time and place of meeting. Each fragrance corresponds to a time and a place of meeting. Everyone is free to prefer a horseback ride, a rendezvous at dawn, an opera box, the fireside, a sensual gathering, or more directly to go under the sheets...

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