Caroline Dumur nous présente le parfum « Une rose au paradis. R.B. »

Caroline Dumur presents her creation "Une rose au paradis. R.B." Stories of creation

The Eau de Parfum Une rose au paradis. R.B. created by Caroline Dumur for D'ORSAY evokes a Rose returned from the future.

Passionate about perfume for as long as she can remember, Caroline Dumur has made it her vocation. She defends a free and daring perfumery, unafraid of dark and mysterious materials to bring out all their power. For her, materials come together in a fragrance, like on a canvas, to evoke emotion and feeling.

Caroline Dumur talks about how she created this fragrance for D'ORSAY: "Une rose au paradis. R.B. is a Woody Floral fragrance built around what I consider one of the most beautiful symbols of love: the Rose. Modern notes of fresh, elusive aldehyde run through this flower, which is one of my obsessions. This fragrance is imagined as a meeting between humanity and artificial intelligence. Sandalwood and Cashmeran bring vibrancy, sensuality and timelessness to this encounter.

Discover the Eau de Parfum Une rose au paradis. R.B.

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This fragrance evokes a Rose returned from the future. It is built around a symbol of love: the Rose, now metallic and resolutely modern, combined with Aldehydes.