Charlotte & Alexis

Charlotte & Alexis Interviews

Discover the story of how Charlotte Albert and Alexis Lamesta met. Founders of the Necchi Architecture Studio, these two lovers tell us their memories of love and the details that made them fall in love.

Tell us about your first date (or your first meeting)?

Charlotte – It’s neither a colorful story nor a chance meeting. We found ourselves in the same class at the end of our studies. The first year we barely exchanged two words. The following year, the year of our graduation, we formed a group of friends, very close, we did everything together. I understood that I liked Alexis, he became my target. He had been with a girl for 10 years, but that didn’t scare me. I am very determined, so I did everything to get him. And obviously it was really worth it… I fell in love with him quickly, I think it took him a little longer, I think it took us a while to get in tune. The beginning of our relationship was secret, we hid, we kissed furtively in the small corners of the school, it was quite exciting, like everything that is forbidden…

Alexis – For a long time I was in Charlotte’s physical presence every day from morning to night, but I had never paid attention to her personality and her romantic beauty. Until the day when we had lunch together by chance with mutual friends, I was disturbed by what she gave off, the way she held herself. My memory remains her hands that I find terribly graceful. The rest happens a year later, the attraction was uncontrollable and youthful, we graduated together, I consider us since then as one and the same person.

What does the smell of her skin evoke in you?

C.A – The natural smell of a skin is indescribable, it is an intimate marking, specific to each one. But it is certain that I would recognize it among thousands. When the natural smell of the skin is mixed with the perfume, it becomes interesting, almost complex. Alexis loves perfumes and changes very often, but always sharp choices with elegant but powerful smells at the same time. Besides, I often steal his perfumes, and that makes him a little angry…

A.L- It’s always a very personal and intimate scent that I think I’m the only one who can define, at least I think I define it as I fantasize it. It’s a sweet smell, it reminds me of the feeling I had when I discovered the nape of her neck for the first time. I will not be able to associate it with a precise word, I like the selfishness of being the only one to evoke this smell.

What fascinates you about him/her?

C.A- Alexis has a very strong character, sanguine and very impulsive. But at the same time he is very gentle. In the same way he can be shy, almost silent, but also very funny, almost crazy sometimes. I believe that it is these extremes that make his personality so atypical and that attracts me a lot. Beyond his character, what fascinates me the most about him is his almost excessive passion. When he loves, he wants to know and master everything, and I’m talking about three very distinct fields: architecture, photography and music. We have the chance to work together today, and it is true that I am very proud and admiring, I find him really gifted, he has a culture and a capacity of creation hallucinating.

A.L – Her ease, and her smile which makes her to my eyes rather intimidating and especially her right dose of elegance. Very feminine finally without being it in appearance.

What is the nicest statement he/she ever made to you?

C.A: I don’t think either of us are very good at making big statements. Even though I know we’re both crazy about each other. We’re clearly a little prudish, and I’m worse than he is. Besides, his little game is to tell me “I love you Charlotte” in a silly tone in front of our friends or my family, just to make me feel a little uncomfortable. It hasn’t happened for a while but he already wrote love notes in lipstick on the bathroom mirror, I also often find little notes in my work notebooks… I think that everything we have built up to now is a real proof of love in itself. Alexis is at the same time my lover, my buddy, my partner, the father of my daughter, it’s still powerful…

A.L – Doing everything together without ever questioning the stages of life that require some reflection. Lately the most beautiful thing was the birth of our daughter. It’s a small thing, but it’s significantly the most powerful gesture and bond we can give.
A moment in your life during which you would have liked to stop time to make it last.

C.A – Holidays in Sardinia with Alexis, I still think about it very often.
The real Dolce Vita. We spent hours lounging on the rocks of a cove and under a burning sun, I read with my head on his stomach. We sang in the car like teenagers, we had so much fun. I wish it would have never stopped.

A.L – The first time we kissed. It was in a Parisian doorway, it was snowing, stealthy and shy, friends were walking ahead of us and obviously they didn’t know we liked each other. It was cinematographic, but more in accelerated than slow version and in black and white.

What is the scent you would like to make into a perfume?

C.A- I have a “Proust’s madeleine” smell, it’s myrrh. I am completely fascinated by this scent.
Then I’m crazy about almond (the real frangipane side) and also orange blossom.
For the time being I have not yet found the candle or the perfume with these smells, it is either very cheap and not very subtle, or too light.

A.L – It would be rather the smell of a place, the Ibirapuera park in Sao Paulo Brazil. A metallic, humid and incense combination.

Your favorite place at home?

C.A – My room. It’s small and under the eaves but it’s my comforting cabin.

A.L – My kitchen, very compact but perfectly organized according to my needs. I do a lot of things in it that have nothing to do with its primary function.

What would you take with you to feel at home?

C.A – My slippers or a striped wool blanket that I love. I get cold all the time and whenever I go somewhere in the winter, I think I should have taken them.

A.L – A Keith Jarrett / the Köln concert record. It’s on repeat at home.

These two lovers have chosen Songe à la douceur C.B. and Nous sommes amants M.D. to live their love.

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