Comment entretenir la flamme

How to keep the flame alive Perfumer's guide

In order to take full advantage of your D'ORSAY candle, we entrust you some recommendations of use:

- At the time of the first lighting, burn the candle until the whole surface becomes liquid, this will require approximately 4 hours of combustion. This will prevent the wax from hollowing out and forming a well around the wick.

- Then let the wax solidify before relighting the candle.

- Preferably use a snuffer to avoid smoke.

- Cut the wick regularly with the wick cutter (ideal length 3 to 5 mm) to prevent the candle from smoking or the wick from falling into the wax.

- If the wick gets out of alignment, gently re-center it while the wax is still melting.

- Do not leave the candle unattended and do not burn it for more than four hours at a time after the first use.

To respect our conditions of use, discover our candle ritual box with a wick cutter and a snuffer.

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