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Dominique Ropion presents the perfume "Sur tes lèvres. E.Q." Stories of creation

With the Eau de Parfum Sur tes lèvres. E.Q. D'ORSAY finally adds a Floral fleurs blanches to its fragrance range, thanks to the creation of master perfumer Dominique Ropion. This emblematic, rather feminine family is revisited through the prism of a fragrance for couples, which characterizes the House's DNA, always exploring the fluidity of genders. Interview with Dominique Ropion, its creator.

What is the olfactory family of this fragrance?

Sur tes lèvres. E.Q. is a Musky Floral fragrance characterized by the presence of White Flowers.

What was your initial inspiration?

I often say that I make perfumes because I like to talk about love, so it was a pleasure to collaborate with Maison D'ORSAY, which loves and cultivates states of love. For Sur tes lèvres. E.Q., I wanted to illustrate the incredible sensation of abandoning one's lips to another.

What are the the notes?

In the heart, Iris and Jasmine complement each other, embracing like the two protagonists of a kiss. Jasmine brings its animal ardor, while iris envelops and tames it with its silky, powdery notes.
To describe the thrill of the moment before a kiss, I worked with two beautiful qualities of natural LMR (Laboratoire Monique Remy). I played on the contrast between the fresh, slightly lemony notes of Rose Berry extract and the warmer, powdery notes of Ambrette, which linger right to the end of the note.

In the base, a trio of vibrant woody and amber notes (Cashmeran, Patchouli and Ambermor) accentuate the note's sensuality and create an intense, addictive trail, a little like the memory of an exchanged kiss.

Why did you use Iris and Ambrette seed in this fragrance?

It's a sublime natural ingredient of the finest LMR quality that I love working with. It immediately brings sophistication and refinement to the note. I chose two qualities of Iris: the concrete, which is a true treasure of the perfumer's palette. Floral, very powdery, it adds a delicate finish, evocative of Violette, of cosmetic perfume, a nod to the smell of lipstick that marks the imprint of a kiss. I've also used an Iris resinoid to create a slightly chocolaty effect, reminiscent of the gourmandise of the kiss. In the base notes, Ambrette releases its warm, sensual, powdery facets.

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"I wanted to illustrate the sublime sensation of abandoning your lips to another. I built Sur tes lèvres E.Q., a Musky Floral fragrance around the airy, silky hues of Iris, to which I added luminous Jasmine. For the base note, to reinforce the sensuality of this creation, I worked on a trio of vibrant Woody and Amber notes."

Dominique Ropion




Iris, Jasmine, Cashmeran

A unisex floral and musky fragrance evoking infinite love, imagined as the continuation of a kiss by master perfumer Dominique Ropion for D'ORSAY.

Your quest for eternal love is finally coming to an end. With this fragrance, surrender yourself to this luminous union, celebrating the intertwining Iris and Musk of your two bodies and souls.



An intense, addictive scent imagined for him & her from 100% pure, natural ingredients, sourced with a strict ethic of total transparency.




Dominique Ropion is a French Master Perfumer. He was awarded the title of Master Perfumer by the IFF in 2018. This distinction recognizes the exceptional level of creativity and expertise he has continually demonstrated in the field of perfumery, as well as his outstanding leadership and significant impact on the industry.
Renowned for his exceptional technique, Dominique Ropion is hailed as one of the most meticulous perfumers of his time. His encyclopedic knowledge of the history of perfumery and raw materials makes him a major figure in the industry. His ingenuity is always skilfully mastered, and the risks he takes are always balanced by remarkable olfactory accuracy.
In his view, a quality perfume is distinguished by its singular identity and its ability to bring an innovative touch to the art of perfumery.