Laurence & Ayoub

Laurence & Ayoub Interviews

For this second lovers’ interview, the creator of the brand LRNCE, Laurence Leenart and her lover and associate, Ayoub Boualam, tell us about their meeting full of complicity during a sweet evening in Marrakech.

Tell us about your first date? (or your first meeting)

Laurence – It was in Marrakech, a lot of candles, surrounded by palmtrees on a terrace in the center of the city. I just moved to Marrakech, I remember it as a magical Arabian night. Ayoub picked me up a bit for midnight, we had drinks in a bar I had never been, we laughed all night.

Ayoub – We met for the first time in mid-August 2015 at a dinner in Marrakech through my best friend Ali. Few days later, we went to have a drink very late in the evening in an outdoor bar in Marrakech just the two of us and we really had a connection and it’s where it all started!

What does the smell of her/his skin evoke in you?

L.L – It feels like home. When I smell Ayoub it’s like coming home, he smells woody and sweet.
A.B – Her skin remind me the freshness of morning dew.

What fascinates you about her/him?

L.L – His confidence in life and the beauty of it. Also his patience, the opposite of me! things take time so just be patient, such as Ayoub.
A.B – Her bravery to quit everything in Belgium and move to Marrakech to reach her goals.

What is the nicest statement he/she ever made to you?

L.L – When he said ‘Tu es la prunelle de mes yeux’* he got me there. *’You are the apple of my eyes’
A.B – Once, she said ‘Tu es le soleil de mon cœur’.* *’You are the sun of my heart’

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