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The poetic universe of LRNCE, combining Moroccan craftsmanship and contemporary design, blends with the passion and waxmaking expertise of the Maison D'ORSAY, resulting in a limited edition of candles with

3 unique decors and a new fragrance to make summer last.

On this occasion, we unveil a new fragrance, 14:30 Palais de la Bahia imagined by perfumer Vincent Ricord. A Spicy Woody fragrance evoking a reverie in Marrakech.

From the Sidi Ghanem district, LRNCE creates singular pieces made from local materials that radiate the essence of Moroccan craftsmanship, while building community and creating strong links with the artisans and culture of this adopted country. The artist revisits the function of materials and spontaneously combines their elements to create pieces with a unique aesthetic line. Natural hues combined with vivid tones, naïve poetry undeniably nourished by art, whose lines some associate with the strokes of Picasso or Miro, geometric motifs or evocative landscapes, LRNCE pieces take us on a vibrant journey.

A visual and olfactory poetry inspired by elsewhere, each candle is hand-painted and each model is unique.

Discover the three versions of 14:30 Palais de la Bahia x LRNCE in store or on our website.

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With its notes of Cinnamon, Cardamom and Sandalwood, the scented candle 14:30 Palais de la Bahia is always an invitation to travel to the Morocco we love so much. A visual and olfactory poetry inspired by elsewhere.


Laurence & Ayoub


Laurence & Ayoub

On the occasion of the launch of our collaboration, the designer of the LRNCE brand lent herself to the game of our love interview with her husband and associate Ayoub.