Hiver Épicé

Winter Spicy Actualités

Maison D'ORSAY celebrate the states of love, is publishing an even more suggestive version of its 21:30 Under the Sheets candle for the end of the year...

With this candle, illustrated with passionate and inclusive lovemaking, D'ORSAY invites us to some fearsomely sensual and particularly entangled moments.

21:30, touches of cumin, floral, chypre... a prelude. The next moment, contact cut.

Fantasmagoria it is flagrant unties. To let in only the authorized persons. Come with me, don't be afraid, let's go in there. Or better, I will fantasize us. You, me, our bodies in symbiosis, maybe with someone we don't know. On second thought, there would be more of us than that. An army, a heap, a cloud... We would all live together, we would share everything, all the time, without light and without a roof, free love finally king! At 21:34, the emotion passed, you realize that fantasies are not always made to come true.

Made in a limited edition, this candle definitely celebrates the night with its matching blue hue.

The new 190g candle will be available from November on, in stores and in D'ORSAY outlets.