Rencontre avec Svetlana Kasyan, Soprano et Soliste au Bolchoï.

Meet the aesthete Svetlana Kasyan, Soprano and Solist at the Bolchoï. Interviews

“Scent have enormous power” Discover our interview with Svetlana Kasyan, Soprano and Solist at the Bolchoï.

What is your strongest olfactory memory?

As a young music student, I decided to change my perfume and purchased “a trendy perfume”. The effect of this fragrance on men blew me away. Strangers bought me flowers, men were ready to offer me the world
I got tired of it eventually but to this day I can’t deny the magic of this scent on my skin.
What was the reason? I have no clue!
Recently, I was given another fragrance that reminds me of my happiest years in New York. When I spray it on, it gets me reminiscing about the old days and all those sweet emotions resurface.

What is the craziest declaration that has been made to you?

Picture it, I walk into a room and I receive simultaneously a text message on my phone “Marry me“.
I look up, a mother-of-pearl box with a sublime ring. Just like in a movie!
How can I say no to this perfectly orchestrated gesture?

What is the most unusual place you have ever been asked on a date?

Cape Town, at the intersection of two oceans, breathtaking sceneries and a sea of ​​emotions. The nature of this meeting shall remain a mystery.

Is perfume a source of inspiration in your creative process at work or in your life?

I admit it, this is partially how I chose my husband! His smell, his perfume that were very attractive to me… For me, scents have enormous power.
And in my job… you know, the stage has a very singular smell, where the velvet of the curtain is mixed with the delicate but very present smell of make-up and hairdressing products, wood, the painting of the decor… I feel at home when I’m in front of the audience.

What scent would you like to make into a fragrance?

I like oriental, heady notes … smells that have a past, that tell a story just like a performance on stage. I would like to pick a note from each one of my favorite fragrances and create something new, it might give a nice harmony … or not! Something persistent, bright and memorable, but not intrusive.

Perfume & Seduction: Does this sound still relevant to you?

But of course that is still relevant and always will be!
One may not match the changing beauty canons of our time, but a well-chosen scent can make everyone beautiful and desirable.

Tell us about a moment in your life when you wished for time to stop and that it would last forever?

When my husband holds our daughter in his arms tightly and kisses her so gently. When I greet the audience after a successful performance. The smile and happiness of my family and friends. Summer, heat, sun, there are so many …

Your favorite time of the day?

Although I am a night owl, I love waking up before everyone else and enjoying the aroma of delicious coffee alone with myself and my thoughts.

Your plans for 2021?

2020 has shown me quite cruelly (I got COVID and it took a while to recover from it, especially my voice) that “if you want to be laughed at, tell about your plans.” When all my plans fell apart, I decided to live for myself here and now. So I walk ahead live in the moment. And the future… we’ll talk about it when it’s there!