Vincent Ricord nous parle de sa création : « 13:30 Au même endroit »

Vincent Ricord tells us about his creation “13h30 Au même endroit”. Stories of creation

Farewell bicycles, towns, safe havens… It is time for long cavalcades on the back of a thoroughbred. Vincent Ricord talks us through his creation “13h30 Au même endroit”.

What is the olfactory family of this fragrance?

“13h30 Au même endroit” is all about green, leather and a little aromatic.

What does this fragrance remind you of?

This fragrance is the evocation of an escape while staying in the same place. It is really the evocation of this fresh, green note, the wind in the leaves but with a certain depth: a leather note, as if we were putting on a pair of boots to ride a horse and setting off for an adventure.

What are its notes?

The composition is built around green notes, leaves but to bring a certain vibration to the base there is a copper nuance which tans this green leaf and leather. There is a hay extract that really completes the essence of the perfume.

What makes it unique?

There is something intangible about “13h30 Au même endroit”, a feeling of a wind of freedom. The opposition of this crisp, somewhat contemplative green leaf and this setting in motion with the leathery note, which represent two notes that should not have met initially and therefore creates this unique composition.

What is the context?

The context for being able to appreciate this fragrance is this need to get away from it all, perfect nowadays. And for me the real adventure is not done by running for miles but more by living the present moment. This scent is about appreciating the present moment.

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