Découvrez les bonnes pratiques pour sublimer votre fragrance d'intérieur

Discover the best practices to enhance your indoor fragrance Perfumer's guide

Our collection of sprays is composed of 16 fragrances, between floral, woody and amber notes... Our home fragrances are conceived with the same requirement as our perfumes, each creation is made in France and realized in the respect of our inheritance and our know-how since 200 years.

Each fragrance is imagined as a movie set for a meeting, evoked by a time and a place. Each person is free to choose the fragrance that best suits his or her interior: a morning rendezvous with bare feet in the dew with 6:20 Où tu sais, an evening meeting in an artist's studio with 3:50 Comme la dernière fois or a tender interlude by the fireplace with 2:45 Enfin seuls.

To enjoy the fragrance to the fullest, here are a few tips for use:

Hold the bottle upright and spray two to three times in the room. The fragrance develops instantly in the space to bring you a new olfactory atmosphere and will be active for several hours. To prolong this moment, you can light the candle associated with your home fragrance.

Do not spray towards food, people, pets or plants.

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