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Olfactory Column in Turned limewood

Olfactory Column in Turned limewood

Olfactory Object

Brass, limewood and black cork

A decorative and olfactory object at the crossroads of the aesthetic codes of architect Sophie Dries and Maison D'ORSAY. This scented object is available in four variants, each combining mineral, metallic and plant materials.

Here, the designer brings her own vertical, organic vision to bear through a new combination of materials. In this version: brass, turned limewood and black cork. An ecological material whose porous nature allows it to receive the interior fragrance it delicately diffuses, blending it with its subtle smoky scent.

The box contains a room spray 06:20 Où tu sais in 90 ml. D'ORSAY's iconic fragrance, originally called Tilleul, is enhanced by the diffusion of cork, which reinforces its green notes.

To create a unique experience, the object has to be assembled. The cork structure is set into the turned limewood structure. To perfume the object, a few sprays of D'ORSAY home fragrance should be sprayed onto the cork. About once a week, to bring a delicate olfactory touch to your home.

Height of olfactory column: 22 cm.

Available to order only. Delivery time approx. 12 weeks. Also available in Selenite, Travertine and Green Onyx.

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  • → 3x free of charge in France from 80€ of purchase
  • → For any purchase of a fragrance, receive a sample to test your fragrance before opening it

Good to know

  • → Limited Edition
  • → Exclusive collaboration
  • → Natural Materials
  • → Recyclable packaging


Contains : Linalool, 1-(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8-Octahydro-2,3,8,8-tetramethyl-2-naphthalenyl)ethanone, Vetiverol, 6,7-Dihydro-1,1,2,3,3-pentamethyl-4(5H)-indanone. May produce an allergic reaction. This is an indicative list. Do not apply this product to the skin. For further details, please refer to the list of ingredients on the packaging.

Use and Care

The object is presented in a padded box:
- To create a unique experience, the object must be assembled, with the cork structure set into the limewood structure.
- To perfume the object, a few sprays of D'ORSAY home fragrance should be sprayed onto the cork. About once a week to bring a delicate olfactory touch to your home.
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Of Love

Lazy dawn, Linden Flowers and Lemon Leaves, morning dew lifting off the pillow. The fragrance of sunrise at your fingertips. Savour the sensation of slowness and relive the fullness of dawn, it is yours for the taking. Suddenly you have all the time in the world. Time to idle away as best you can.


Architect and HMNOP designer Sophie Dries is a graduate of ENSA Paris-Malaquais and Helsinki's Aalto University. Surrounded by exceptional craftsmen, she puts her knowledge of materials and their constant experimentation to good use, practicing new ideas and methods to reach the "cosmic essence of matter", a concept dear to Brancusi. Free of preconceived ideas, she creates spaces in the image of their occupants, guided by the singularity of each encounter. Today, Sophie Dries has offices in Paris and Milan, and specializes in the creation of private residences, hotels, luxury boutiques and scenography for major events. boutiques and exhibition scenography.
Olfactory Column in Turned limewood


With this new exclusive collaboration, our passion for design and the work of architects is expressed once again. Heir to a genuine heritage, Maison D'ORSAY defends artisanal know-how by producing exclusively in France and surrounding itself with craftsmen who share its demand for excellence.